Call for Study Session 2023 prep team

Dear stakeholder of the No Hate Speech network,

This is a call to select a preparatory team for the Study Session “Developing digital literacy and responding to hate speech in the age of AI” of the No Hate Speech Network taking place 12-17 June 2022. 

The deadline for applications is 15 January.

Study Session 2022

About the preparatory team

The preparatory team will consist of a team of 4 facilitators reflecting the diversity of stakeholders of the No Hate Speech Network, as well as a Course Director and an External trainer.

A preparatory meetings are scheduled to February and April 2023. The exact date is to be decided by the preparatory team. Any applicant must be available for the prep team meeting, the full duration of the Study Session, as well as for preparatory and evaluation activities before and after the Study Session. 

Activities of the preparatory team will involve designing, facilitating, evaluating and reporting from sessions, selection of participants, writing call, information pack, finalising outputs and follow-up and communication through mail.

Activism is also fun

About the study session

The study session will take 12-17 June 2023,  at one of the European Youth Centre in either Budapest or Strasbourg. There will be 40 participants from the No Hate Speech Movement including the prep team. 

This study session aims to empower youth workers and youth activists digital literacy to understand and contribute towards shaping artificial intelligence awareness and policy recommendations.

The objectives are:

  • To contribute to the development of youth workers’ and youth activists’ understanding of the current technology of Artificial intelligence and data systems from a simplified technical perspective
  • Introduction to artificial intelligence, algorithmic decision making and its impact on equality and non-discrimination
  • To understand the current european and global policy landscape for artificial intelligence and data systems
  • To develop policy recommendations and input from a youth and hate speech perspective for artificial intelligence civil society groups and institutions.
  • To enable youth activists to share and raise awareness in their organisations regarding Artificial intelligence and data systems and its impact on youth future, activism and hate speech
  • To contribute to the capacity development of the No Hate Speech Network;
  • To contribute to the Human Rights Education strategic aim and objectives of the No Hate Speech Network.
Non-Formal Education at the Study Session 2022

Please see the full application for the study session for more detailed information.

Any questions may be directed to 

On behalf of the No Hate Speech network

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