The No Hate Speech Network

The No Hate Speech Network was founded in 2019 by human rights activists and organisations to continue the work and initatives of the Council of Europe’s No Hate Speech Movement.

Our purpose
The No Hate Speech Network aims to prevent and counter hate speech by mobilising and connecting individuals and organisations to act in support of human rights and democracy online and offline. It empowers young people and relevant stakeholders to think critically, act against hate speech and provide support to people targeted.

Read more about our aims and objectives in the statutes of the network.

Who are we?
The network consists of indvidual and organisational members who work together to reach our aim. The members are the highest decision making body of the network and meet for the yearly general assembly where they approve strategies, budgets and elect the executive board.

The founding meeting of the network in 2019

The executive board is responsible for the daily functioning of the network and consists of 7 people from a variety of countries and contexts. The board has also a representative function and work to promote actions against hate speech on an international and local level.

The network offers opportunities for participation in networking and learning activities for all people who want to act against hate speech and for human rights and democracy.

Our activities
Some of the current activities of the network are

  • The Academy of Activists – an online training where young people can network and take actions against hate speech and for human rights
  • The Working Groups – networking groups focusing on different thematic areas such as Human Rights Education, Counter Narratives, Action days, etc.
  • Educational activities – intercultural seminars, trainings, study sessions online and offline where young people work together and learn about, through and for human rights
United online taking action against hate speech

How can I join?
In order to be kept updated on the activities and developments of the No Hate Speech Network, please sign up for the newsletter here.

If you want to become a member and join our activities, read more and send in a membership application here.

If you wish to make contact with the network, please email us at