Call for General Assembly 2023

Dear members of the No Hate Speech Network,

The General Assembly of the No Hate Speech Network will take place ONLINE on the 8th of February 2023 from 17:00 to 20:00 CET. Please take note of the deadline for submitting motions on Wednesday the 28th of December 2022.

Final agenda

The meeting has three parts. First is constitutions, second is GA documents and third is workshop. There are no elections this year and no member motions have been submitted.

Part 1 – Constituting the meeting
01.23 Welcome and how to participate
02.23 Member roll call
03.23 Acceptance of members
04.23 Approval of call, agenda and minute taker

Part 2 – General Assembly documents
05.23 Annual report 2022
06.23 Financial report 2022
07.23 Membership fees 2023
08.23 Budget 2023

Part 3 – Workshop
09.23 Workshop on Focus areas for 2023

Voting rights

Voting rights at the meeting are limited to members who have paid their membership fee. Information on how to register as a member and pay membership fee will be sent by email well in advance of the General Assembly. You may also renew your membership here:


Deadline for registering and applying for membership is 6 February

Motion submission deadline

Motions and other items for the agenda had to be sent to the board by the 28th of December, 6 weeks from now and 6 weeks before the General Assembly. A second call with all proposals was sent out on Wednesday the 25th of January, 2 weeks before the General Assembly.

Please send any motions to, the motion should contain:

  1. Who are proposing the motion
  2. What document is affected (if relevant)
  3. Line number and article (if applicable)
  4. What is the existing text
  5. What is the new text proposal 
  6. What is the reasoning behind the proposed motion (why are you proposing it)


This call is in accordance with the statutes Article 14 that states: The General Assembly meetings will be announced in a written document indicating the location, day and time of the meeting as well as the agenda. There shall be a deadline of at least 12 weeks between the announcement and the designated day of the General Assembly meeting at its first call.

No Hatefully yours

Alessandra, Eirik, Gubaz, Ibrahim, Luis, Mariam and Neringa.

The Board