Call for participants: Activist Academy

✊ Join the Academy of Activists N2 – A New Dawn for a Compassionate Internet ✊?

Hey Change-makers!

Do you find yourself scrolling through social media, heart heavy with the weight of negativity, intolerance, and hate? Have you ever wanted to stand up, speak out, and make a real difference?

Well, here’s your chance to become a digital warrior and combat hate speech with the Academy of Activists N2!

Event Dates: 4.-8. of September
Application Deadline: 24th of August

We are calling on YOU – the digital natives who refuse to let the internet be a breeding ground for division and hate. Let’s make cyberspace a place of empathy, respect, and unity.

Join the academy of activists to:

Learn from seasoned professionals, activists with years of experience. They’ve fought battles online and off, and now they’re ready to pass the torch to you.

Learn the Ropes Remotely: No matter where you are in the world, our courses are designed for remote learning. Accessible and convenient, the Academy of Activists brings the classroom to you, making it easier than ever to be part of the change.

Harness the Power of AI: We’re not just fighting fire with fire; we’re using cutting-edge AI tools designed to identify, analyse, and neutralise hate speech. We’ll teach you how to wield this powerful tool, making the internet a safe space for all.

Global Community: Join a network of young people from all walks of life, united by a shared vision of a more compassionate and understanding online world. Make friends, collaborate, and be part of a movement that transcends borders.

No Experience Required: Whether you’re an experienced activist or just getting started, our programs are tailored to your needs. All you need is passion, a willingness to learn, and a commitment to making the world a better place.

So why wait? Join us, and take your first step towards an internet where dialogue triumphs over division, where love silences hate, and where you are the agent of change.

Click the link, apply today, and stand up for the world you believe in. Together, we can rewrite the rules of the online world.

If you want to join the Academy of Activists, please fill in the form, using the QR codeat the bottom of the poster.

The deadline for receiving the applications is 11:59 pm CET, 24 August 2023. You will be informed about the selection results by 28 August 2023. 

Very important! The online course is scheduled in the following time frame timeframe: 11:00 am-14:00 pm CET with an online tea/coffee break included, from 4 to 8 September 2023. Please consider the date and time when applying for the course as participation on all days is mandatory to receive the certificate of course completion participation!

If you have any questions regarding the application or experience any technical difficulty to apply, please contact us -> no later than 24 August 2023. 

Please be informed that late inquiries will not be considered after the deadline!

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