The No Hate Speech Network’s position on the war in Ukraine

The No Hate Speech Network strongly condemns the ongoing war in Ukraine: as activists and human rights defenders we reject any war in the name of human dignity, always in support of the diplomatic and peaceful resolution of any conflict. The human life loss during this war, fueled by political propaganda, is unacceptable.

What we are witnessing now is the consequence of the escalation of years of incited hate, hate speech and hatred for political and economic purposes, playing with the identities of civilian people who are pushed against each other in the interest of people in power.

We, the young people from the No Hate Speech Network, don’t identify ourselves with the declarations of any aggressor government. We don’t see young people or civilians of any other country as enemies.

This war was engaged by the Russian government, who is not representing all the Russian people, and who has chosen violence above diplomacy to achieve political goals. We invite all countries to ensure that everyone feels safe regardless of their ethnicity, and not let the war incite more hatred between any group in society.

We strongly condemn the violence and arresting of peaceful protesters against the ongoing war in Ukraine, in the Republic of Russia. We call for President Putin to be responsible and stop the war, protect Ukrainian people and Russian people who are against this war. Especially young people, the ones enlisted in the army who don’t want to combat against their brothers and sisters in this meaningless war.

We call upon the UN, Nato, CoE and EU systems to not fail their mission, but work together towards peaceful resolution: and to not introduce young generations once again into the nightmare of war in the heart of Europe.

Stop the war now. 

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