Call for prep team

Dear stakeholder of the No Hate Speech network,

This is a call to select a preparatory team for the Study Session of No Hate Speech network which is planned for the beginning of June 2022. 

Deadline for applications is by the 1st of March (Central European Time). Application form: 

About the preparatory team

The preparatory team will consist of a team of 5 facilitators reflecting the diversity of stakeholders of the No Hate Speech Network. As well as a Course Director and an Educational Advisor from the Youth Department.

A preparatory meeting will take place on 14-15 of March 2022.. Any applicant must be available for the prep team meeting, the full duration of the Study Session, as well as for preparatory and evaluation activities before and after the Study Session. 

Activities of the preparatory team will involve designing, facilitating, evaluating and reporting from sessions, selection of participants, writing call, information pack, finalising outputs and follow-up and communication through mail.

About the study session

The study session will take place in the first week of June 2022,  at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg. There will be 30 participants from the No Hate Speech Movement including the prep team. 

This study session aims to empower youth workers and youth activists to challenge hate speech, nationalism and intolerance through human rights education values and approaches.

The objectives are:

  • To contribute to the development of youth workers’ and youth activists’ understanding of human rights education based on learning about, through and for human rights approach;
  • To contribute to the competence development of youth workers and youth activists in challenging hate speech, nationalism and intolerance and supporting human rights;
  • To develop the competences of youth workers and youth activists to use Human Rights Education publications: Compass, Compasito, Bookmarks, We CAN, etc;
  • To develop concrete guidelines on human rights activism in post-pandemic reality;
  • To support the process of partnership building between youth workers and youth activists coming from different youth organisations and to design partnership-based projects;
  • To contribute to the capacity development of the No Hate Speech Network;
  • To contribute to the Human Rights Education strategy of the No Hate Speech Network.

Please see the full application for the study session for more detailed information:  

Any questions may be directed to 

On behalf of the No Hate Speech network

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