General Assembly 2021

Dear members of the No Hate Speech Network,

The General Assembly of the No Hate Speech Network will take place ONLINE on Tuesday the 11th of January 2022 from 17:00 to 20:00 CET.

You may register for the General Assembly until the 4th of January here:

The proposed agenda of the meeting is as follow:

  • Acceptance and Dismissal of members upon proposal by the Board
  • Establishment of working groups and follow-up on their work
  • Approval of the annual report by the Board for the period since the last General Assembly
  • Approval of financial report for the previous financial year
  • Determination of the member’s fees upon the proposal of the Board
  • Approval of budget for the next financial year
  • Acceptance of policy papers proposed by the board
  • Acceptance of strategic and action plans proposed by the board
  • Any necessary internal regulations, rules and procedures
  • Any amendments of the statutes 
  • Board elections

Voting rights

Voting rights at the meeting are limited to members who have paid their membership fee. Information on how to register as a member and pay membership fee will be sent by email well in advance of the General Assembly. 


It has now been two years since the last elections. The statutes article 17 states: The Board shall be elected by the General Assembly every second year. The members of the Board can be re-elected for the next period of 2 years under the condition that they can carry their function only in 2 consecutive periods.

The board is responsible for managing the work of the NHSN, representing the political positions and proposals of the NHSN. It executes the network’s activities and is the main decision-making body between the General Assemblies. The board has a fiduciary duty and must at all times act in the best interest of the NHSN, setting aside any personal benefits or matters that could give rise to a conflict of interest.

The board consists of 7 people with a possibility to co-opt two young people. 

We encourage anyone who is committed to the aims and objectives of the network to apply, regardless of background and identity.

The NHSN aims to prevent and counter hate speech by mobilising and connecting individuals and organisations to act in support of human rights and democracy online and offline. It empowers young people and relevant stakeholders to think critically, act against hate speech and provide support to people targeted. It works through human rights education, awareness-raising, advocacy actions and any other means necessary in accordance with the core values and mission. 

The deadline for running for elections expired on the 14th of November.


Motions and other items for the agenda had to be sent to the board by the 26th of October.

A second call with all proposals will be sent out by the 21 st of December, 3 weeks before the General Assembly.


The General Assembly was called for on the 13th of September. The statutes Article 14 state: The General Assembly meetings will be announced in a written document indicating the location, day and time of the meeting as well as the agenda. There shall be a deadline of at least 12 weeks between the announcement and the designated day of the General Assembly meeting at its first call.

No Hatefully yours

Alessandra, Amal, Eirik, Gubaz, Luis and Neringa.
The Board

On behalf of the No Hate Speech Network

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