General Assembly 2020

 Registration is closed for this event
Welcome to the first General Assembly of the No Hate Speech Network after the founding meeting in 2019 taking place ONLINE on the 11th of December from 17:00 to 20:00 CET.

Please be aware that you need to apply for membership by the 8th of December and pay your membership fee by the 10th of December to attend the General Assembly. You apply for membership here.

The General Assembly is the yearly statutory meeting of the No Hate Speech Network where the main decisions of the network is being made. Changes to document such as statutes, policy papers, internal regulations, action and strategic plans are being made. All members who have paid their membership fee has voing rights at the general assembly.


Submit amendments
You can submit amendments through the amendment form until the 1st of December.
Submit amendments

General Assembly documents

8c75613b-01f2-4ceb-a04a-897e59670104.png Access all files in one folder.

The final documents will be sent no less than 1 week before the general assembly with amendments and instructions on how to attend the meeting. 


Agenda of the meeting:

  • Acceptance and Dismissal of members upon proposal by the Board
  • Establishment of working groups and follow-up on their work
  • Approval of the annual report by the Board for the period since the last General 
  • Approval of financial report for the previous financial year
  • Determination of the member’s fees upon the proposal of the Board
  • Approval of budget for the next financial year
  • Acceptance of policy papers proposed by the board
  • Acceptance of strategic and action plans proposed by the board
  • Any necessary internal regulations, rules and procedures
  • Any amendments of the statutes 


Voting rights

Voting rights at the meeting is limited to members who have paid their membership fee. Information on how to register as a member and pay membership fee will be sent by email well in advance of the General Assembly. 


Motion submission deadline

Motions and other items for the agenda must be sent to the board by the 30th of October, 6 weeks from now and 6 weeks before the General Assembly. A second call with all proposals will be sent out on the 20th of November, 3 weeks before the General Assembly.

Please send any motions to, the motion should contain:

  • Who are proposing the motion
  • What document is affected
  • Line number and article (if applicable)
  • What is the existing text
  • What is the new text proposal 
  • What is the reasoning behind the proposed motion (why are you proposing it)
December 11th, 2020 from  5:00 PM to  8:00 PM